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            Why choose buck function for High-Voltage Wind Turbine ?
            POSTTIME:2011-10-12 07:46:28

            Reason 1 :   The buck moduel starts automatically when the wind turbine voltage is higher than battery voltage , The controller real-time tracks maximum power of wind turbine and real-time limits the winding current of wind turbine . To solve the problem of overheating of wind turbine

            Reason 2 :   The high voltage will be decreased by lower battery voltage . The win d turbine won't reach to rated wind power once output voltage is decreased . Then this 1800W wind turbine will just have around 300W output capacity ( around 50V *6A  rectified DC Current at Rated Output .) . So 1800W wind turbine will have poor effiency without buck function

            Reason 3:  Sometimes  . The wind turbine 's rectified DC Current will be very high if the wind turbine is working under very heavy wind  The wind turbine will be burnt .